Overview of Blass Modeling Contest.

Something about us from a little bit of different perspective

Blassbooks will give the opportunity to every woman in the United States to register to become the Official model of the page for a Season, which consist of a period of four months. Out of all the models that apply to the contest only fifty will be pre- selected by the Blassbooks team to debate for the chance to be the Blass Model of the season.

The elimination process.

Before the contest starts the fifty pre-selected participants will receive a congratulation email from the Blassbooks team with a numeric code that will be the number of the participant in the contest no action has to be taken from the participant site until the contest starts. We advise all participants not to share any personal information with any one, and wait for the instructions of the Blassbooks team about the options they have to attract the subscribers (members or users) of Blassbooks to vote for them so they can win the contest.

The first week, the subscribers get to see the participant?? photos and they can interact with the participants and leave comments on their profile (un-appropriate language is not tolerated and either subscribers or participants on the contest that violate this rule will be prohibited to log in or to have an account in Blassbooks ever again). The participant will have the choice to respond or not to respond to subscriber?? comments. The voting process starts 7 days after the corresponding season starts and the twenty (20) participants to get more votes(or likes in our facebook page) in the first week (7 days) will remain in the contest the thirty (30) participants with fewer amounts of votes will be eliminated from the contest automatically.

The second week , the twenty participants that remain in the contest will have to upload five more photos of themselves and these photos have to show who the Model is and why she deserves to be the Blass Model of the season (photos with offensive material will not be allowed, and any Model that violates this rule will be disqualified from the contest and prohibited from logging in or having a Blassbooks account). After the models upload their photos the subscribers will have 7 days as an opportunity to vote for their favorite seven models from the remaining twenty (20) then thirteen (13) Models with fewer votes would be out of the contest automatically.

Every season, Blassbooks will have seven finalists; these finalists will be selected by the subscribers of Blassbooks by voting for their favorite model or participant. The seven finalists will have a personal interview with the Blassbooks team, and based on the personal interview the Blassbooks team will choose three models out of the seven, who will be granted a professional photo-shoot with all expenses covert by Blassbooks LLC, which will be posted on the page for the subscribers of Blassbooks to vote again to crown the winner of the Blass Model of the season.

The price for the winner of the contest


The winner of the Blassbooks modeling contest would be granted a professional portfolio, a modeling education package by a professional modeling agency, the opportunity to develop her career as a model, and a professional photo shoot with all expenses paid. Blassbooks will also market the portfolio of the winner to some of the biggest modeling agencies in the United States, and create a picture gallery of the Blass model of the season, which will be advertised to all the members of the page.

Restrictions may apply.

Blassbooks does not guarantee a job by any modeling agency.

Blassbooks is not a modeling agency, we only grand the opportunity to have all the materials you need to be successful in a modeling career and the opportunity to be seen as a model by millions of people over the internet 100% free of charge.

Blassbooks is 100% free if anyone ask you to pay money for anything that has to do with blassbooks, please send us and email at support@blassbooks.com and we will be glad to help you.


The starting models will all get a professional photo-shoot and will be advertise as Blass models for a period of 4 months till the beginning of the first contest, after that their pictures will be left in the site for all the members to see and to enhance their portfolio.